How I got here.

My story begins as the child of a U.S. Department of Defence employee based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. In my early adolescence, we relocated to Germany, where I was immersed in a diverse, multilingual setting. I seized every opportunity to explore and travel during my youth.

I ventured back to the United States to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism in Oregon. This was one of my brief returns to the U.S. before I ventured off to Australia in 1986. I initially sought work in journalism but found myself in a retail position. Eventually, I embraced Australia as my new home and became a citizen.

By 1988, I was riding the wave of the Desktop Publishing revolution, establishing a small advertising firm and cultivating both direct and freelance partnerships with other agencies. Transitioning digital graphics into mainstream acceptance presented numerous hurdles, but it was an enriching learning experience.

In 1996, I forged a durable alliance with Pinnacle Media, marking the beginning of an 18-year-long career span filled with diverse roles, starting as a digital art specialist and eventually becoming the Digital Operations Director.

My journey into web development began in 2001, and it was during this time that I ushered Pinnacle Media into the digital epoch. I was consistently engaged with UX and UI for a steady influx of sales promotion and trade portals, with occasional corporate websites in the mix. As time progressed, my focus shifted more towards leadership and UX, distancing from UI.

As Pinnacle Media started to slow down around 2014, I sought more stimulating prospects where I could leverage my extensive skills and continue operating on the forefront of the industry.



On a personal note, I have a deep affinity for travel. Motorcycling, sailing, and adventure expeditions feed my thirst for new experiences and thrill.

I am a seasoned poet and songwriter, and I’ve been nurturing this passion for the majority of my adult life. I find solace in singing and playing the guitar and harmonica.

Martial Arts has been a part of my life since my early teens. Currently, I am associated with a traditional Chinese martial arts school as a senior instructor and mentor.

Ever since setting foot in Sydney, I’ve chosen to reside near Bondi Beach. I am deeply invested in the local community and cherish my life there, a life I share with my two daughters.