McDonalds’ Promo

McDonalds' Drive Thru to Win Promotion


2009 – Following a disastrous experience with their Monopoly sales promotion several years back, McDonalds had been loath to venture back into that type of sales promotion activity.

Adrenalin got before the marketing team with their ‘e-scratch off’ product, a virtual scratch-and-win interface. This opened the door for the project, which evolved considerably over the months of planning and development. Myself and the MD from Adrenalin sat in a series of marketing direction meetings over the months and evolved the eventual digital solution that went into the market in Feb/Mar 09.


I was responsible for developing the IA and Functional Specification for the project and acted as development lead on the project, coordinating stakeholder input, hosting issues and eventual front and backend development.

Fraud prevention was a key performance indicator.


Working with the McDonalds marketing, IT and legal teams, and the fulfillment sub-contractor we developed a creative and technical strategy that met the extremely stringent security requirements and provided a combined web and SMS, Australia and New Zealand solution.

The user experience required the entry of a encrypted code taken from the POS receipt which identified the sales profile, then led the user through a registration and e-scratchoff experience.

On the back end, real-time monitoring and reporting obligations were extensive, comprehensive and ongoing throughout the duration of the event.

Project highlights include:

Call centre fulfillment management tracking interface and data exchange with fulfillment house database.

Key number and code comparison for validation against db of pre-rendered random numbers.

Comprehensive on-line reporting with downloads, segmented by time, outlet, prize winners, location, etc.

Variable user experience based upon country of origin and time of day, displaying different McDonalds products..

Google map integration with peripheral store finder in Australian and NZ versions.

Random draw functionality across multiple prize pools from the e-scratchoff user experience.

High volume, load balanced dedicated web servers with additional intrusion security and premium firewall.