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How I got here.

The son of an American Department of Defence worker from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, I moved as a young teen to Germany. I spent my formative years in this multi-cultural, multi-lingual environment. I traveled every chance I had as a youth.

Earning a bachelors of Science degree in Journalism in Oregon was one of my few sojourns back to the United States before I moved to Australia in 1986 looking for work in Journalism, but taking a job in retail. I became a Citizen.

In 1988, I jumped on the Desktop Publishing revolution and built a small ad agency, developing direct and freelance relationships with other agencies. There were many challenges bringing digital graphics into the mainstream. It was a good education.

In 1994, I formed a lasting relationship with Adrenalin, and worked a full 15 year career there covering many responsibilities, from digital finished artist through to Head of Digital.

I started doing web development in 1996, and took Adrenalin into the digital age. I was doing UX and UI for a regular stream of sales promotion and trade portals with the occasional corporate website coming through. As time went by, I shifted more towards leadership and UX and away from UI.

As Adrenalin began to wind down around 2008, I began to look for more challenging opportunities where I could apply the depth of my skill and continue working on the leading edge.

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My personal interests

I love traveling - motorcycling, sailing, and adventures satisfy my desire for new experiences and excitement.

I am a poet and songwriter, and have been most my adult life. I sing and play guitar and harmonica for my soul.

Having trained Martial Arts since my early teens, I am part of a traditional Chinese martial arts school and am currently a senior teacher and mentor.

Since arriving in Sydney, I've always lived near Bondi Beach, I'm passionate about the community and my life there, which I share with my two daughters.